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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finish the phrase: "To do is..." with your own ending

Yesterday's post got me thinking about the inviting nature of the wdydwyd? website, and it prompted me to try to begin a discussion about how people might share their thoughts and feelings about doing. The cool part is that these thoughts and ideas can be as long or short as people want.

Words are powerful visual images. Sometimes they convey lots of subtle or nuanced meanings, and sometimes they communicate short and sweet (or not so friendly meanings). This is evident in the photos at wdydwyd?. Some of the communication is the image beyond the image, and it allows what is said in writing to be very brief.

My invitation here is to finish the phrase "To do is..." with the ending of your choice. I welcome and look forward to seeing the thoughts, insights and wisdom in comments posted here.

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  1. I find your question so indicative of our profession, yet too poetic in nature. .... It would be easy to end the statement "To do is to be".... I guess that is what first comes to mind. Yet perhaps a closer ponderance would bring the following:

    "To do is to be, to become, to create, to learn, and to transcend."...

    Blessings to you!


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