DLW is an occasional blog about how people spend the time of their lives (every moment) to enable health, balance, meaning and fulfillment. As a blogspot about doing, it draws from personal stories and from studies of everyday living. It's main idea is that to be well, people must be involved fully in what they do. The activities that occupy our days help to connect us to the world, define who we are, and keep us healthy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome Doers!

You are among the first to read the inaugural post of this blogspot about daily life. I welcome your questions, comments and stories. Please share answers to questions such as: What have your experiences taught you about everyday living? What is your typical daily routine and why? How do you decide how to use your time, or do you simply let life flow where it takes you?

Lately, some people are overwhelmed with how much they have to do and how little time they have to do it. What does "life balance" mean to you? How do you achieve balance in your life?

When people remember an event, it is usually because it has some significance or meaning in their life. Feel free to share a story about such an event. Ask questions of others, and share books, articles and links.

About Me

I am a writer, lifelong student, former academic and new blogger. My passion continues to be everyday living. I am interested in what people do, how, when and why they do it, and what it means for their their understanding of the world and hence, their well being.