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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

wdydwyd? is a gallery for sharing visual stories about who we are

The fact that the wdydwyd? site has been visited by 475K people since its inception less than two years ago invites a few observations. First, the idea of asking people to respond to an intriguing question using a photo with words is novel. Novelty invites interest. Second, the world of the internet is at least as much about communicating visually as it is about communicating with words (which, after all, are visual symbols). The combination of creative words and images uploaded to wdydwyd has revealed incredible creativity. Combine that with the power of the internet to disseminate ideas virally and you may be able to explain why Tony D was on to something so powerful when he created the site. Kudos to him!

wdydwyd? gains additional power from the likelihood that, because people create their identities through their actions, explaining those actions (their doings) is like telling a story about themselves. Neurobiologists assert that our nervous systems are "wired" to understand through stories. Effective speakers know that they communicate best when they use stories, and what is enjoyable social conversation, after all, besides the creative sharing of stories. Hit movies are popular because they tell stories visually. So wdydwyd? is ultimately a gallery for sharing our stories about ourselves visually. Indeed, it is a visual café, and an increasingly popular one.

What invites you to wdydwyd? What are your explanations for its popularity?

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