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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zigs, Zags and Doing

Today's post is a bittersweet testimonial to the power of doing. Cartoonist Tom Wilson, who continues his father's work in evolving the character Ziggy, has written a poignant book called Zig Zagging, in which he describes the bittersweet experiences of his life so far and how his work has helped him transcend life's difficulties. Mr. Wilson has experienced more than the usual burden of challenges, and his book gives us a glimpse into how he coped. One of the take away messages I could not escape was how important his work was to this process.

In the 1981 movie called "Whose Life Is It, Anyway?", Richard Dreyfuss, who plays a paralyzed sculptor (Ken Harrison) who is deprived of his work after a tragic car crash. In a dramatic scene that portrays a dialogue between Harrison and another character trying to offer hope by telling him he can learn to do other things, Harrison's response is that it is the work that matters. His reply reflects the meaning he attached to doing his art and his realization that this could not be simply replaced simply by substituting other work in its place.

There is immense power in what we do, and that power results not from the outcome, but from the process. Perhaps this is a more focussed corollary to the admonition that life is a journey and not a destination.

What do you get from your work?

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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment... I admit, I have never had a job I didn't love (other than a brief bout as a caddy when I was 14- couldn't see where the ball went! :) )...

    Sometimes it saddens me to think of all those who go through life struggling day to day to get up and go to work. ... For me the joys of work include day to day interaction with students, clients, colleagues and friends and the striving to make a positive difference. Perhaps the mere opportunity to work, to grow, and to engage in day to day vocational opportunities brings the joy. ... And yes, I agree... life is a beautiful and perplexing journey.

    What do you get from your work?
    Thanks for sharing


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