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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interrupting the Hiatus

It's been awhile since my last post, so one can say that this post is an interruption of an interruption. If you Google the word "hiatus" you will find many definitions, ranging from those anatomical to use of the term in the context of breaks in television production or programming. The word comes from the Latin word for "yawning" (interesting), and also is used to signify an opening.

Lately, I have been considering the notion of hiatus from the standpoint of transitions. Most people have transitions in their lives, and often, but not universally, these transitions are marked by a hiatus that serves as a bridge from the old to the new state (whether this refers to jobs, life stages, parenthood, or other aspects of the life course). A hiatus, of course, can also be defined by a vacation period, or time away from a usual routine.

Transitions are often difficult and stressful. I have frequently found that returning to work from an extended break can be challenging, as though one has to move through the gears to get sufficient torque to overcome inertia and resume customary speed. A well-oiled life, it seems, chugging along with a predictable routine, maintains momentum and indeed, even benefits from that momentum (just as a sleigh moves downhill without the need for additional propulsion).

So, I'm hoping that firing up the cylinders for this post will get me back in the groove so that posts will be more regular for the coming weeks and months. Commentary, of course, helps. So if you stop by, please leave a note and share your thoughts about the events and facets of everydy life that contribute to balance, happiness and of course, success in the projects that engage us.


  1. Hi! Music contributes a lot to the well-being of a ... being. There are kinds of very powerful music that I use in my everyday life.

    I recently wrote an article on my personal blog - http://mindtrap101.blogspot.com about this kind of music

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

    Take care and godspeed in your postings.

  2. Perhaps there are certain times that specific blogs touch us in a way that they may not on any other day. ... Just now yours touched my heart.

    The transitions you speak of can be so happy, so stressful, may bring joy, may bring pain, may bring laugher, may bring tears.. yet too perhaps it is those things we love to do (i.e. running, photography, reading, etc.), along with our faith and values and those we most love (friends and family) that bring us through those transitions.

    Thank you for your thoughtful post

  3. hope this works. new here. found your sight through another at a poetry blog think it was kangle? - she listed you as a follower and glad i stopped. I get the comment about changes as moves have been rought on me. you asked about happiness... i guess mine is outdoors. thanks


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