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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Road?

Yo. Here it is, the 21st of October, and it has once again been weeks since my last post. What gives? Part of it had to do with my commuting lifestyle, but the other had to do with enjoying a splendid Summer and early fall in Southern Minnesota, mostly on the bike trails.

I did a little biking, and canoeing, hiking, and even a little (can you believe it?) segwaying. Yep. Segwaying—using that novel two wheeled motor stick that propels you along as though you are riding a push lawnmower! My son Erik and I learned at the same time, and we deigned to take those segways along a few mile stretch of a bike trail outside of Lanesboro. Personally, I think they qualify as motorized vehicles and ought to be forbidden on bike trails, but there are so few of them that I don't think the trail authorities have time to worry about them.

It was a glorious summer, with so many great outdoor experiences that it just went by in a wonderful blur of enjoyment. I hope yours was equally satisfying.

Now, the winterization process begins. Storm doors are being installed tomorrow, and the guy with the compressor blew the water out of the irrigation system this morning. No more mowing— most likely, until next April. A few leaves to rake, perhaps, and a whole lot of memories to reflect are in store as we sip wine in front of the fireplace during the long nights of wintertime in the Northland.

Life is good. We did it well this summer. Next year we'll do it even better.

PS. I titled this blogpost "October Road" from the album (and song) by James Taylor. One of my favorites. Maybe my next post will be about the lyrics to that song, or JT's lyrics in general. Who knows? Share your own stories, I'd love to hear about them. Remember, we live in the shelter of each other.

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  1. Thanks for your post.. yes, summer biking, canoeing, fun activities, and spending time with those important to us brings such beauty to life! ... The dawn of autumn is beautiful, yet too sometimes the change of seasons not always easy. .... James Taylor, one of my favorites! ... May your autumn and winter treat you well too!


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